Video Pulse Launches at 2016 NAB Show

April 19, 2016

Last month, Microsoft Pulse heralded the upcoming availability of a powerful new digital content rating tool, Video Pulse, which allows professionals of any kind to collect feedback on top of a recorded video in a flexible and comprehensive way, quickly and at scale, on any digital property and at any time.

We’re excited to announce that beginning today, Video Pulse will be in ‘open preview’ and available to all Pulse users. Video Pulse works by tying audience reactions to the timespan of a video, enabling users to react and provide feedback to a recorded video, as well as to playback their and other respondents’ feedback on demand.

With Video Pulse, professionals in sectors such as advertising and market research, digital media and broadcasting, campaigns and politics, education and civic engagement  will benefit from on-demand voting capabilities tied to digital video, compatible with any MP4 video encoded through services like Azure Media Services, and videos hosted on Vimeo and YouTube.

“Pulse is pioneering a new way of engaging and reacting to video moment-by-moment.  As we do this we will expand the scale, precision, and depth of reactions from viewers, and the metrics and analytics associated with digital video,” said Dritan Nesho, Head of Microsoft Pulse.

“Why is this important: we can safely say that digital video is now the communication medium of the internet, growing faster than any other online activity. This revolutionary service will push the boundaries of engagement with short- and long-form video, creating a new standard for stimulus testing and immersive, experiential technologies,” added Nesho.

Video Pulse transforms the way professionals across industries will accomplish their goals, including but not limited to, the following list of activities:

  • Ad testing – gauge how potential customers will respond to an upcoming ad campaign, message, or creative quickly and at scale in a matter of minutes.
  • Creative tests– brands, marketers, movies studios, and more can now test content and flow in a precise manner, and without conventional hardware costs of audience restrictions.
  • Broadcasts – As mobile video continues to grow, content producers will be able to engage their audiences with their content beyond the TV screen, whenever the content is produced or viewed.
  • Campaigns – As we head into election season, political campaigns will be able to get instant feedback on how voters feel about any topic shown in a pre-recorded campaign video.

With today’s release, Video Pulse will also enhance the producer controls through the following solutions:

  • A one-page, streamlined setup for a Video Pulse that makes it easier than ever to create a Pulse quickly and effectively.
  • With Azure Media Services, YouTube and Vimeo integration, users can use any mp4 video from their content library for a Video Pulse.
  • Producers will have the tools to provide commentary and annotations tied to specific moments within the video.

Video Pulse is being launched at the 2016 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, where Microsoft Pulse is demoing it’s latest services and releasing independent research confirming that Pulse attracts viewers and improves engagement with passion groups across news, politics, business, entertainment, and sports.

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We appreciate your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on Video Pulse.

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