SKDKnickerbocker Market Research

October 29, 2015


SKDKnickerbocker, a prominent consulting, advertising, and research firm, utilized Microsoft Pulse to facilitate a focus group for a Fortune 50 company. The company held a gathering of key reputational stakeholders and wanted to take advantage of the event to ask them for their thoughts on the company and their corporate responsibility efforts. They needed an organized, easy way to engage with stakeholders on their own devices, and Pulse was the ideal solution.


SKDKnickerbocker utilized Pulse to ask the group of 50-60 stakeholders key questions around their corporate social responsibility effort. They used poll and survey questions to determine which issues – from education to battling hunger – resonated the most with this cohort. Pulse was also used to let stakeholders at the gathering evaluate advertisements from their company and several competitors with video uploading and auto play functionality, creating a truly BYOD dial test experience. Not only did Pulse help to facilitate the discussion in real-time, its instant results enabled the study facilitators to brief the CEO immediately after the session for a presentation to the group later that afternoon.

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